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ü  Spent younger years on a farm and learned how baler wire and twine and other things could provide a temporary fix until you could get the implement back to the shed. That has nothing to do with real estate but that type of creative thinking carries through the years and does help resolve some of the challenges that arise during the sale or purchase of real estate.

ü  Owned, operated and grown larger real estate brokerages both in Alberta and British Columbia. Stan has a working knowledge of how large and small brokerages require constant supervision and how important persistent and continual follow up with his clients is with all real estate transactions.        

ü  Former Director, Calgary Real Estate Board. Stan has an intimate knowledge of how the real estate rules and regulations are enforced which means protection and the best quality service for his clients.

ü  Former Director Liaison for Calgary Real Estate Board Professional Standards Committee. Stan has constantly strived to support enforcement of Board Rules & Regulations governing the conduct of REALTORS® as they perform their duties. Stan of course holds his services to his clients to the highest standard as a result.

ü  Former Chair of Calgary Real Estate Board Governance Committee. Stan has participated in the re-direction of the Calgary Real Estate Board toward a more governance approach which allows the Board to get more involved in the various communities both in and around Calgary.

ü  Former member Real Estate Council of Alberta Residential Advisory Committee. Stan is passionate about the real estate industry serving its clients in a manner that has the clients best interests in mind at all times. Serving on this committee created by the Regulator of industry standards in Alberta has given Stan an insight as to what the Real Estate Act requires and input into how the Act affects the practice of real estate. In addition, in order to participate in this Committee, Stan took and successfully completed the “Principles of Administrative Justice” course.

ü  Member Real Estate Council of Alberta Hearing Committee. Sitting on this committee provides Stan with the knowledge of how the Real Estate Act is enforced and the many ways you the consumer are protected.

ü  In addition to various educational courses, Stan recently completed the Olds College “Excellence in Rural Real Estate” program. This course is an in-depth program that covers all aspects of rural real estate transactions. It includes how to deal with common challenges related to rural real estate and as a result, has provided Stan with the many tools required to inform both his Seller and Buyer clients with the most current advice to ensure a smooth conclusion to their real estate transaction.

ü  Stan has been appointed to the Real Estate Council of Alberta and currently sits as a Council Member.

ü  Stan is a career REALTOR® and works full time for his clients.

ü  Stan would be honoured to work with you as one his clients by being your “Trusted Real Estate Advisor”.


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Stan has been in real estate for over 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge as a result of his being in the industry for that long coupled with him serving on various real estate boards in two western provinces and committees throughout his career.


Stan Kushner
Stan Kushner

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